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14 Leading Aesthetic Clinic and Medspa Owners Reveal How to Build a "Corona-Proof" Practice

14 aesthetic clinic and medspa owners reveal how to build an aesthetic clinic that is resilient to Coronavirus so you can survive another pandemic wave or recession

The tiny step you can take to regularize your clinic’s income, making you far less vulnerable to peaks and troughs in the economy….

The simple way to ensure you can pivot your clinic at a moment’s notice, so you don’t have to waste precious weeks getting organized all over again in the event of a second shutdown

How to diversify your treatments, to ensure you are never without an income stream. (Plus: What treatments to drop immediately, because they weaken your clinic!)

And much more!

Miriam Shaviv
 Director of content, Brainstorm 

Miriam and her team at Brainstorm Digital use a proven, 3-step process to keep aesthetic clinics and medspas fully booked with high-quality patients. 

The Zero Ad-Spend Aesthetic Accelerator System gets your patients through your doors again and again, so you can rapidly raise your turnover without chasing the same expensive, difficult-to-convert leads as your competitors on Google and social media. 

We have worked with clinics in the UK, US and as far away as Australia to help them grow much more easily and would love to help you too! 

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